Business Strategy Project for Smartro (a subsidiary company of KT corporation)


Mr. Jung, General Manager of IGB, has participated in a business strategy project as the project manager of the consulting project for Smartro, a subsidiary company of KT Corporation. Smartro aims to empower small businesses in Korea by having interactions with them and, providing benefits and tools. We look forward to producing positive impacts on the project and contributing to strengthening the small businesses in Korea.      

FS on the civil petition system in Indonesia


We are pleased to announce that IGB Company has successfully completed the FS on the civil petition system in Indonesia. For this mission, Mr. Lee Seungyong, CEO of IGB Company and Mr. Jung, General Manager of the same company participated in the whole process, working with KOICA and UNPD along with the Indonesian government. We believe that our expertise related to e-Government and civil petition systems has been strengthened, playing the important role in realizing the project in Indonesia, which will narrow the gap between the Indonesian government and its citizens.

Final Briefing – Master Plan for e-Constitutional Court of Uzbekistan


Final Briefing of E-Government Overseas Expansion Supporting Project was hold in Central Government Complex by Korea Information Society Agency (NIA) and Ministry of the Interior and Safety. The project includes ten supporting project for overseas e-Government expansion. IGB & Company have successfully executed and finished one of ten projects, BPR/ISP Master Plan for e-Constitutional Court of Uzbekistan, with Constitutional Court of Korea; System implementation will possibly executed in 2020.

2017 e-Government cooperation project between Peru and South Korea


Prime minister’s office in Peru and Ministry of Public Administration and Security in Korea have recognized importance of e-government to improve competitiveness between the two countries and promote economic development. Therefore, they agreed to strengthen cooperation in various aspects such as capacity building, cyber security, electronic administration, and disaster management. As part of agreement, the two countries established ‘Korea-Peru e-government cooperation center’ in SeGDi belonging to Prime minister’s office where specializes in e-government. It proceeds various cooperation projects such as sharing best practices, human exchanges and collaborative research projects to activate e-government services, to promote administration efficiency, to set up…
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Completion of FS on the Enterprise Database Integration and Enterprise Portal in Tunisia


IGB & Company finished ‘Feasibility Study on the Enterprise Database Integration and Enterprise Portal in Tunisia for the cooperation project between the Korean government and Tunisian government in Dec, 2017. During the last mission, A dissemination seminar was arranged and about 20 people who in charge of ICT department from government institutions and agencies such as Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, CNSS, Ministry of Industry and SMEs, APII, INNORPI, TTN, INS, CNI and so on. PM(Project Manager) of this project, Mr.Jung Hoon, gave a presentation to share the result of the project in the seminar. According to the presentation,…
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Capacity Building for Uzbekistan Government Officials


The Korean government, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety, organized a capacity building program where 21 Uzbekistan government officials were invited. Mr. Hoon Jung, Director of IGB Consulting, participated in this program as a lecturer to teach the officials how to write an action plan which consists of the sections such as as-is analysis, to-be analysis, and implementation plan. After the lecture, the government officials formed five teams and each team wrote an action plan based on the needs of their organizations. Presentations and discussions were followed to share the results and to find the way to improve their…
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FS on the Enterprise Database Integration and Enterprise Portal in Tunisia


IGB Consulting conducted the first mission in Tunisia for the FS on the Enterprise Database Integration and Enterprise Portal in Tunisia which is the cooperation project between the Korean government and Tunisian government. Mr. Jung who is in charge of this project share the project objective, scope, and procedure with the Tunisian stakeholders such as the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Industry, National Social Funds, and etc. During the first mission in Tunisia for this project, we conducted in-depth interviews(16 interviews with 12 public organizations), surveys and data collection to analyze the current situation related…
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Capacity Building Program in Nigeria

Mr. Seungyong Lee, CEO of IGB Consulting participated in Capacity Building Program for e-Government in Nigeria ( 30 May ~ 8 June 2017) as a professor of BPR/ISP. The program was intended to provide Nigerian officials with knowledge and skills in the fields of e-Government which Korea has world-best thought leadership. Mr. Seungyong Lee was especially in charge of delivering several lectures on BPR/ISP(Business Process Re-engineering / IT Strategy Planning) which are usually preceding the implementation of IT System. He taught the officials a methodology of BPR/ISP and detailed tools and framework which can be used when delivering BPR/ISP consulting services as well as best practices in developed…
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Successful Completion of the Business Strategy Consulting Project for a Korean manufacturing company


IGB Consulting successfully completed the business consulting project for a Korean manufacturing company who aims to get into global water markets in Europe. For this project, IGB Consulting and the client company worked together to figure out the scope and direction of the project. For the six months’ project period, IGB Consulting analyzed internal and external situations to address the issues that the client company is facing. The result of the project, the strategy report, was delivered to the company through three times’ presentations in front of staffs of the company including the senior and executive managers. As a result…
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MoU Signed between IGB Consulting and Sagittarius


IGB Consulting is expanding its business to Middle East region. On May 21, the MoU between IGB Consulting and Sagittarius BD is signed. Sagittarius BD is s a boutique business development company in Israel. It specializes in facilitating business partnerships, strategic collaborations, R&D, technology transfer, JVs and commercial collaborations between Israeli and foreign companies. Also, the managing director, Seungyong Lee, participated in Feasibility Study for Building Construction/Civil Engineering Project Management System in Jordan as a leading consultant in Feb. 2017. Middle East region is growing fast, and the needs of ICT development and e-Government solution is becoming higher. The cooperation with…
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