With thorough leadership in the fields of Energy & Environment, ICT & e-Government and Global Development Cooperation, IGB Consulting is working together with governments and corporate bodies all over the world.


Information & Communication Technology (ICT) has become one of the most important elements of our day-to-day life. Taking advantage of ICT, the development of e-government has risen as a crucial factor in enhancing public services. Our experts have ample experience working with the development of ICT & e-government systems in South Korea. We are ready to work hand in hand with organizations and governments all over the world.

ICT Strategy
We are ICT experts equipped with skills, experience, insight, as well as knowledge of your fields of business. We make sure that your organization can always keep up to date in terms of ICT, which can be a useful tool for developing competitive advantages. ISP, an acronym for IT Strategy Planning, is one of the services we offer for our clients’ IT strategy analysis and other business related ICT. Simply put, planning before developing ICT solutions! ICT systems are used nowadays for industrial and public purposes, which are highly complicated and must be thoroughly planned before the development phase. Many companies and public organizations are required to prepare plans for ICT development, expansion, and maintenance before launching big ICT projects. By doing this, organizations can minimize the cost of ICT systems as well as the risk of project failure. [More]

We can make efficient, effective, and engaging government happen. A visionary e-government blueprint provides a strong foundation for sustainable government modernization and ICT development. Regardless of a nation’s current level of e-government maturity, IGB’s one-stop solution for government  IT planning holds many benefits:

  • Improved service accessibility and convenience
  • Greater efficiency and productivity
  • Enhanced government image and staff morale
  • Reduced operating costs
  • A more vibrant ICT industry in your country



Our in-depth understanding of the energy sector and the environment has been delivering benefits to numerous companies and public organizations in supporting their energy management, carbon reduction, and green production. Our passion for Creating Shared Value (CSV) for our clients not only helps to achieve economic growth but also supports to increase social responsibility and impact.

Energy Audit
An energy audit is an essential part of energy management that helps organizations discover their weak points in regards to energy consumption. The process points out areas that require more attention and better management to improve the efficiency of operation. Also, Energy audits help clients get a sense of energy consumption at the equipment level, which translates into better energy management in terms of equipment allocation and usage. [More]

Greenhouse Gas
Greenhouse gas is closely related to climate change, which causes serious natural imbalance, especially in developing countries. However, most greenhouse gas comes from industrialized countries and emerging economies, which led to the signing of the Kyoto Protocol, an international treaty that sets binding obligations on industrialized countries to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Our goal is to help our clients manage their greenhouse gas emissions in line with government guidelines like the Global Green Partnership, Eco-labeling, and Carbon Footprint Labeling Certification.

Renewable Energy
In terms of renewable energy, we perform feasibility studies of Renewable Energy Implementation in factory buildings and power plants. It is crucial to investigate the potential of energy generation and conduct cost analysis. Our broad spectrum of feasibility study on Renewable Energy coupled with our international experience deliver an adapted, deeper understanding of the potentials of renewable energy use to our clients. More importantly, our expertise in energy auditing and greenhouse gases is a definite plus in conducting such practices.

Eco-Innovation is a comprehensive energy & environment management model for organizations that strengthens business efficiency as well as eco-friendly policies. We believe that Eco-Innovation enhances organizations’ competitiveness and social responsibility. However, Asian and other developing countries are not yet familiar with the theme of Eco-Innovation, unlike their European counterparts. Our goal is to spread the belief that greater benefit comes from enhanced Eco-Innovation and to support organizations achieve economic growth through it. [More]


Korea’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) has grown at a rapid pace, boosted by the country’s joining of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) in 2010. As we are committed to make the world a better place, IGB Consulting is determined to assist the Korean government in ODA projects in the Energy & Environment and the ICT & e-government fields. We also welcome working together with other organizations to create synergy through collaboration.

Feasibility Study
The goal of a Feasibility Study (FS) is to predetermine the possibility of project success with as much accuracy as possible. The greater the size and the budget of an ODA, the more necessary is the high accuracy of the FS. Our FS strategy is to maximize the synergy of collaboration within and outside our company, utilizing our pool of experts, independent professionals, and consultants in order to produce the best outcome.

Advisory Service
Our goal is to help Korea’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) become more efficient and effective. Our professionals are well equipped with international experience and knowledge in the field of international development. We focus on maximizing the impact of ODA and sharing Korea’s unique experience of starting out as a recipient country and becoming a donor country through programs like KSP. Our role is to support the government in initiating projects successfully.

Consulting and Implementation
Many ODA projects are based on special technology and knowledge, and many need experts in the concerned country and project management, an area in which IGB plays an important role. We are experts of International Development Consulting, connecting and supporting stakeholders of ODA and international consulting projects.