IGB Consulting and Verify Market signed the MOU in March 2017

IGB Consulting signed the Memorandum Of Understanding with Verify Markets for future cooperation between two companies in global research and consulting projects. IGB Consulting is a consulting firm of Korea specializing in ICT & e-Government, Energy & Environment especially in the fields of Official Development Assistance. Verify Markets is a market research and consulting company based in Texas, USA, which specializes in Industrial, Environmental, Energy, Consumer Products and Water markets. The goal of this MOU is to complement and strengthen each others’ competencies by closely cooperating in global projects in the future. The scope of MOU involves collaborations ranging from…
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A New BPR/ISP Consulting Project with KOICA in Peru


We are pleased to announce that IGB Consulting is participating in ‘The construction project for integrated registration and management system of Peru national cultural heritage’. This project has launched in January 2017 and will be completed by the end of August 2017. Renowned for its rich cultural heritage, the Peruvian government has many difficulties in managing many historic places and cultural properties with limited resources. Therefore, the Peruvian government has decided to introduce a new IT system for effective management of cultural assets, with the help of the Korean government which is the leading country in the world in terms…
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ICT consulting project with WeGo(World E-Government Organization) in Malaysia

IGB Consulting is chosen to be an ICT consulting firm to do consulting project for WeGo, World E-Government Organization of cities and local governments. WeGo is an international cooperative body for cities and local governments that pursues sustainable urban development based on e-Government. IGB Consulting is in charge of providing a master plan for the management of street lamps and traffic lights using upcoming technologies such as IoT(Internet of Things) and BDA(Big Data Analytics) as well as technical and financial feasibilities for Seberang Perai in Malaysia which was selected for target city by WeGo. This project starts in October 2016…
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Forensic Science BPR/ISP for National Institute of Forensic Science (NIFS) Mongolia

DSC_0006 (1)

IGB Consulting obtained a Forensic Science BPR/ISP for NIFS Mongolia project managed by National Information Society Agency (NIA) as a part of project consortium. The purpose of this project is to formulate BPR/ISP for Forensic Science System of NIFS in Mongolia based upon the leading-edge forensic science technology and experiences accumulated over 60 years of Korea. Managing director Seungyong Lee and director Joon Cho completed the first business trip for Kick-off Meeting and very first part of As-Is analysis.

Feasibility Study (FS) for Integrated Ombudsman System of Ombudsman Republic Indonesia (ORI)


IGB Consulting and e-Gov Consulting are conducting FS project for ORI’s Integrated Ombudsman System (e-Ombudsman System*), which is funded equally 50:50 by ‘e-Gov Consulting & IGB Consulting Consortium’ and ‘National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA).’ This project is initiated by MOU signed between ‘ORI’ and ‘Anti-corruption & Civil Rights Commission (ACRC)’ in Feb. 2010. Then ACRC and NIPA agreed on proceeding FS project for implementing enhanced e-Ombudsman system of ORI. Therefore, e-Gov Consulting and IGB Consulting won a bid for “Feasibility Study for Implementing the Integrated Ombudsman System in the Republic of Indonesia” initiated by NIPA. A consulting team of…
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Establishing master plan and performing project management (PM) for “the implementation of the electronic platform (e-People) for a public participation and fighting corruption in Tunisia”

SAM_1484 - 복사본

Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) announced an invitation for a bid of establishing master plan and performing project management (PM) for “the implementation of the electronic platform (e-People) for a public participation and fighting corruption in Tunisia,” and IGB Consulting is participating in the project with a key role in Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) / Information Strategy Planning (ISP) part. Tunisia has made its stepping stone for democracy since the Jasmine Revolution in 2011, but its policy and government system are not keeping up with the speed of democracy development. In order to address the issue, Tunisian government has been…
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Consulting Project for Optimization of Solid Waste Management System in Barbados

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Mr. Seungyong Lee, the CEO of IGB Consulting, visited Barbados in December, 2015 for the project of ‘Proposal for the Consultancy to Develop a Route Optimization Study for Solid Waste Management System for Barbados’ organized by Dongbu Inc. for Korea Eximbank. The purpose of this project was to provide Barbados with support to establish the effective system for solid waste management based on the example of Korea’s success as a part of Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) between Korea Eximbank and Inter-America Development Bank (IDB). During the visit in Barbados, Ms. Lee made a presentation of development of waste management policy in…
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Developing Global Green Partnership for Large/Medium/Small Companies’ Coexistence in DongbuDaewoo Electronics Supply Chain


Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) and DongbuDaewoo Electronics are carrying forward to establish Global Green Partnership in Mexico and China. For the first year project, eight suppliers of DEHAMEX (DongbuDaewoo Electronics in Mexico) are participating in building environmental management systems and processes for responding to environmental regulations, and IGB Consulting is a consulting partner for the project. IGB Consulting visited three times Mexico for the project; from Nov. 14 2015 to Nov. 29 2015, IGB Consulting visited DEHAMEX and its and eight suppliers for the second time to customize manuals for environmental management, cleaner production and environmental regulations….
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The first on-site mission in Cambodia for a feasibility study to establish the digital driver’s license management system


As part of the feasibility study for the Cambodian Digital Driving License Management System, IGB Consulting had its first on-site mission in Cambodia as a consultant of NIPA (National IT Industry Promotion Agency) as the project is being conducted under its supervision. This study will continue until December 2015 and includes activities such as three on-site missions in Cambodia, a workshop for Cambodian government officials in Korea, and a validation workshop with Korean experts. In order to initiate the feasibility study, Mr. Seungyong Lee, CEO of IGB Consulting, emphasized the purpose and benefit of this project in the kick-off meeting to…
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