Consulting Project, Uzbekistan ICT Master Plan


As a member of the advisory board of NIA(National Information Society Agency) and KLID(Korean Local Information Research and Development Institute), the president and CEO of IGB consulting, Mr. Seungyong Lee, was invited to the Uzbekistani government’s ICT master plan project. NIA and KLID organized this program to share Korea’s knowledge and experience and to strengthen the connection between the two countries. The aim of the consulting project is to reengineer the Uzbekistani government’s administration process followed by an IT system integration. Through this consulting project, which will continue until December of this year, we expect to maximize the productivity level…
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Participating in the Global ICT Leadership Program


NIA, a Korean government agency, organized a global leadership program to share with developing countries Korea’s knowledge and experience in adopting ICT, inviting government officials and experts from all around the world. As  NIA’s partner for this program, IGB Consulting was invited to the event to share its knowledge and experience with a global audience. Hoon Jung, the senior manager of IGB Consulting, delivered a presentation on Green ICT, which focuses on reducing CO2 emissions from ICT products and enhancing ICT’s role in increasing the energy efficiency of other products. During this presentation, Jung introduced the successful adoption cases of Green…
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Global Green Partnership Project in Nicaragua and Guatemala


As a follow-up of the first visit for the pre-diagnosis of Global Green Partnership Project in Nicaragua and Guatemala, IGB Consulting made another visit to our clients in the two countries to develop the Environmental Management System and execute energy audits. This was the second visit for the project, which will be followed by the last wrap-up visit scheduled at the end of May or the first of June. IGB Consulting is also preparing to sign a MOU with Pelican, S.A., a Nicaraguan company, to expand business opportunities in Central America.

Meeting the Geres Team in Cambodia


Managing Director Mr. Seungyong Lee visited Cambodia to have a meeting with the officials of the Cambodian ICT department on coordinating a possible ODA to help establish Cambodia’s ICT policies. In addition to this meeting, he had the opportunity of meeting with the members of Geres Cambodia, a nonprofit organization created in 1976 specializing in the implementation of efficient energy solutions adapted to developing countries, to coordinate a partnership agreement.

Brief Energy Audit for Two Vietnamese Companies


During the 2014 Vietnam-Korea Consulting Expo, IGB Consulting received brief energy audit requests from two Vietnamese companies. A soft drink manufacturer and a food manufacturer from Vietnam wanted us to perform energy audits because IGB Consulting was well experienced in their respective areas; we performed an energy audit for a beverage company through the Indonesia Eco-Innovation Consulting Project in 2013.

2014 Vietnam-Korea Consulting Expo


IGB Consulting participated in the 2014 Vietnam-Korea Consulting Expo sponsored by the Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA) of South Korea and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Seungyong Lee, the Managing Director of IGB Consulting, gave a speech on energy management systems and energy audits.

Global Green Partnership Project in Nicaragua and Guatemala


IGB Consulting has been working with one of the largest textile vendors in Korea to establish its global green partnership with overseas suppliers. In the first year, the target countries were Vietnam and Indonesia, where 9 suppliers participated to improve their sustainability and ability to respond to buyer auditing. In the second year, the target countries became Nicaragua and Guatemala in Central America, where 8 suppliers participated for the first diagnosis. IGB Consulting played the main role in investigating and diagnosing their situation and helped to develop an environment management system in order to respond to buyer audits and practice sustainable…
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e-People System in Tunisia


Mr. Seungyong Lee, the president of IGB Consulting, visited Tunisia with the KOICA delegation to discuss with Tunisian public officials the feasibility of implementing Korea’s e-government solution in Tunisia. Tunisia has been the hub of Arabic Democratization since the so-called Jasmine Revolution in 2010. The Korean Government is willing to be a strong supporter for democracy in Tunisia in its path to building transparency, civil participation, and an anti-corruption system. The e-People System in Korea is said to be one of the most successful e-government solutions and was awarded the Public Service Award by the UN in 2011. The Record of…
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Feasibility Study for Implementing Talent DB in Nigeria


Nigeria is classified as an emerging market by the World Bank, and has the largest economy in Africa. It is worth noting that it has the seventh largest population (182M) in the world with one of the largest populations of youth . Therefore, in order to shine a light on the hidden talents within such a massive population, it is becoming increasingly essential for Nigeria to accumulate talented human capital as a country. The CEO of IGB Consulting, Seungyong Lee, conducted a feasibility study for implementing a talent DB in Nigeria under the supervision of NIA (National Information Society Agency)…
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e-Government e-Government (or Digital Government) is defined as ‘the employment of the Internet and the world-wide-web for delivering government information and services to the citizens.’ ‘Electronic Government (or ‘e-Government’ in short)’ essentially refers to ‘the utilization of Information Technology (IT), Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), and other web-based telecommunication technologies to improve and/or enhance on the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery in the public sector.’ e-Government promotes and improves the stakeholders’ contribution to national and community development, while strengthening the governance process. e-Government embodies the use of technologies to facilitate the operation of the government and the dispersement of…
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