Energy Audit and Improvement

Outline IGB Consulting’s energy audit service uses specialized equipment handled by experts. The audit identifies the causes of energy loss, surplus, or waste, and provides energy saving plans. It has been made mandatory by the government for businesses using large amounts of energy to conduct energy audits to improve the efficiency of energy use, in response to the implementation of the ‘UN Convention on Climate Change’ and the ‘Kyoto Protocol’, which are aimed at reinforcing the foundation for energy saving practices and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, considering the persistently high international oil prices. Accordingly, businesses using large amounts of energy…
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Establishing Global Green Partnership in Corporate Supply Chain

One of IGB’s clients has many overseas apparel factories in Guatemala and Nicaragua, which need to be more energy efficient and socially responsible in order to supply global retail corporations and clothing brands. Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) and our client are working together to establish the Global Green Partnership in Vietnam, Indonesia, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. IGB Consulting is responsible for the energy audit, environmental management system, and responding to buyer regulations. In the first year (2013), our client and its suppliers in Indonesia and Vietnam took advantage of this project supported by government funding. In…
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